Understanding Energy - Back to basics

From 23 years of working in construction and engaged as a manager of several successful mid-tier construction companies, Greg presents on his personal 'expansion' into the art of energy healing, more specifically the modalities of Sacred Esoteric Healing® as presented by the Ancient Wisdom and how his journey may be of benefit to us all.


Albert Einstein provided the revelation to the Scientific world with his equation E=mc^2, but not many of us even know what that truly means...


Presenting to school children, community groups and public and private sector business, Greg presents the possibilities when we consider Serge Benhayon's further expansion of the subject that everything is because of energy and just how that fits into our everyday lives..



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Having a deeper understanding of energy may benefit our daily lives in any/all of these spheres


  • Diet

  • Health and well-being : self-care

  • Work place health & safety, absenteeism, productivity, quality of workmanship

  • Education

  • Sports and exercise

  • Religion

  • Relationships


Allow us to present the possibilities to turning spiraling out-of-control trends in today's societies, around...