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Transformation in Industry

Having been engaged in the Construction sector for over 20 years, Greg has enjoyed roles as a civil engineer working initially for a consulting engineering firm, then moving on to working through the ranks for various construction companies with a range of exposure including building township services, civil concrete structures, piled foundations and sub-soil engineering; from a full range of very small projects to one of the largest road infrastructure upgrades in the southern hemisphere (awarded as a single project in Brisbane, Australia) and presently consults part time as a project manager and business advisor to mid tier companies.  Greg also enjoyed a brief stint in the motor car parts manufacturing sector.


Addressing groups large or small, from worker to top management; Greg will present the possibilities of being joy-full in any job we do and the 'knock-ons' for the well-being of the employee, organisation and humanity (as the end user) as a whole. 


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