Presenting to Groups:

Covering topics such as:


Transformation in Industry, addressing:


  • Self-care, when applied at work - how this begins to address all the shortcomings in our present "Workplace Health & Safety models"

  • Being present with yourself and the task at hand addresses safety, productivity and quality of workmanship

  • Dealing with stress, fatigue & exhaustion, general health - absenteeism affects much more than the company's bottom line

  • Working for Humanity, working for LOVE.

  • How far have we 'progressed' as an industry since the pyramids were built?

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Understanding Energy - Going Back to Basics


  • Albert Einstein provided the revelation to the Scientific world with his equation E=mc^2, but not many of us even know what that truly means...


  • Addressing school children, community groups and public and private sector business, we present on the possibilities when we consider that everything is energy and just how that fits into our everyday lives..


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