Donald Trump Is NOT a Politician

While I have known of Donald Trump for quite a number of years through tv shows and his role the past 4 years as the President of America, I have seldom paid much attention or focus to the individual and certainly have never met the man to know anything about him beyond the public face that our media have portrayed.

Thankfully though, for the choices I have made to see beyond the façade that life offers up, I can write the statement that Donald Trump is NOT a politician from a point of knowing and understanding that this is the truth that will one day be known to be so, by many, if not all of us…

I will expand on this notion to say that already we know that Donald Trump is better known to us as an astute businessman who had not a hair on his body that fitted the mould of being a political figurine until 4 years ago.

I admit that my impression of Donald Trump, the businessman and in his early role as President, was that of a selfish individual driven by power and greed. A smart man who understood exactly how the systems worked and could see through them to find the loopholes that he could play to his advantage, yet in so doing also exposing many of the corporate business, finance/banking, government policy, tax systems etc for us all to see behind their veils. And let us not pretend, he was certainly renowned for walking all over anyone and everyone to best serve his own needs first.

But, and I would suggest that at some point during his presidency, Donald Trump realised that true Power, Authority and Wealth comes with being of service to people (humanity) and I dare say many government policy changes began to take effect under his leadership when he recognised the true responsibility he has to make changes to the systems that he has always known (and till then personally ‘abused’ for selfish gain) to be totally corrupt and not of any benefit to the masses.

On reflection, it is not a surprise when 4 years ago Donald Trump won the election to become the next American president because people were increasingly disgruntled with the political antics of old and were voting, not for Donald Trump the individual, but for Change to the political landscape.

Now 4 years on and approximately half the voting populous of America (73+ million people – and that is a lot of people) have voted, not for change, but for the man who has stepped up to taking responsibility for being a servant back to humanity. In other words, they have directly backed the individual who is single-handedly exposing the aeons of rot and pure evil that has been the corporate business and banking and political agendas for a long long time in our history.

SO is it any surprise that the current political model, corporate business and the banking/finance models are all colluding in vehement protest to this uprising of the masses who have awakened from their slumber to come out and make their voting mark for the man that has their back in the battle against the true evils of this world

It is also increasingly obvious to see their agendas played out by our many mainstream media outlets that uphold and continue to propagate the false narratives that serves the current regimes who are ultimately their masters in no real disguise anyway.

And let us not ignore the fact that the other half of the voting populous (being generous here if you ignore the unravelling voter fraud) have made their voting ballot mark not for the mere man called Joe Biden but for the current model he represents – the model of comfort and deliberate ignorance and maintaining the rotten status quo, i.e. the model of irresponsibility – that is still a lot of people saying NO to the truths that are being unravelled and on offer.

And I dare say that not only in America, but our entire humanity stands divided on their preparedness to re-awaken to the truth of who we All are and thereby admit to the many games we have been willing participants of for so so long…..

Donald Trump never was, and thankfully never will be, a politician..

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