A World in Separation

A very dear friend of mine shared a beautifully written heart-felt appraisal of the current state of our society in Australia and it has inspired me to pick up my pen which has been dormant for some time...

What resonated with me from Simon's sharing (copied and included below) was his offering that COVID-19, mask wearing, vaccine - do or don't are not the leading act roles of this show, far from it –– it is all about SEPARATION and what Simon has highlighted for us is that this is the Far Greater Evil that is the lead actor in this outplay.

But separation is nothing new to us All for we are well familiar with divides across gender, race, national boundaries, religion, the sporting team you support etc etc etc. Yet there is one new common divide being introduced across all others, in effect uniting all other divides to a common cause...

So why invoke this next level Separation and what are we separating –– quite simply we are dividing our societies into two camps:

  • The first comprises those who are re-awakening to the awareness of who we truly are and becoming aware of the myriad of lies that our societies uphold as the truth

  • The second comprises those who choose to remain in slumber to this awareness on offer, and to be honest we have all been in this camp, so no stone throwing here.....

So, what do we do with this notion? Well, nothing –– there is nothing we can do but observe.

Observe what will continue to play out in the coming weeks and months and if you have a sense that you may be one of those willing to ask questions of life then continue to do so and quietly recognise that you are not wrong and not alone to be sensing that there may just be more to the notion that we are not just a mere human being living one life on earth.

Enjoy Simon's article below:

Simon Asquith

"If you are going to read this – you have to read it all the way to the end. Take your time and read it. In this day and age there is far too much information that is consumed without taking the time to actually digest it. It’s fair to say that for most people things are very strange and a little concerning – if not downright scary right now. The subject of the Corona virus and the roll out of the vaccine to defend ourselves from the virus is on everyone’s minds and everyone’s thought’s. It is consuming our society and effecting every aspect of our lives. Out work. Our play. Our relationships. Our friendships. Our conversations. Its effecting the very way we live. I am not Anti Vax. I am not. I was vaccinated as a child and am perfectly healthy. I don’t have children. But if I did I would choose to have them vaccinated for the usual things we do these days with no hesitation. No question. Nor do I doubt or deny the existence of Covid-19 as a deadly and dangerous virus. I have friends who work on the front lines of emergency wards in both Australia and in Europe. I have heard from them first-hand accounts about what it is actually like for someone needing an ICU ventilator to survive. It is hideous. I also love that I live in Australia. Where I have the luxury of being able to make choices about my health and my life based on what I believe is best for me and those I care about. I have autonomy. I can choose what is best for my health. That in many cases can also include unfortunately allowing those who wish to make bad choices do so. For example, it is still legal for anyone over the age of 18 to purchase a packet of cigarettes and smoke as many as they choose day in day out. That is their choice. If I ask the question how many people a year does that kill of course no one would be surprised to find it still astronomical in a manner that makes covid deaths look minute. How much does that cost the taxpayer in medical care each year? Persons choosing to smoke a known lethal substance, costs us billions in taxpayer funded healthcare each year. Has there ever been a massive uprising and nation-wide media coverage about this. Are those people sought out and attacked online as outsiders and vilified? No. We live in a “free” county. I cant think of a county where they do not have a choie in these matters that would make me consider losing that choice is a wise thing to allow under any circumstance. Here are some statistics taken from Government Websites. Don’t take my word for it. Research it yourself. This is not from some online YouTube or Facebook anti vax group. These are the figures provided by the Australian Government. The first recorded case of Covid-19 in Australia was in late January 2020. Just on 19 months ago. Since then, there have been 967 deaths recorded as being due to Covid-19. That’s an average of 50.89 deaths per month. That’s an awful number. True. It’s awful to think that is what is happening to that many families each month. The first vaccinations against Covid-19 were in late February 2021. 6 Months ago. The TGA has had 407 deaths registered from adverse effects after Vaccination (both currently available versions) in that 6 months. That’s an average of 67.83 deaths per month from the vaccine that we are taking to protect us from the virus that’s killing 50.89 people per month. *** Update- it has been brought to my attention that the TGA has investigated all 407 deaths and state that only 6 were the result of the Vaccine only ****** take that as you may. It means that 394 people died after taking the vaccine - but the TGA say it was not the vaccine that killed them. If you feel this is valid enough to cancel everything else that is said here that’s totaly ok. I don’t know where you get your info from. I don’t want to argue about which medical professional is correct. One side of the argument is adamant that we need to stop spreading misinformation and trust the experts, roll our sleeves up and take this vaccine. Yet it really doesn’t take more than a tiny scratch of the surface to see that there are actually thousands of very qualified people who are saying - everything from “ Hold on a Minute, slow down. We need to look more closely at this” – to - “ actually stop…. This is dangerous If you are even remotely calm and logical about this and are actually interested in the SCIENCE, then at absolute best you could fairly say there is division and uncertainly about many aspects of this disease and the best medical tools we can use to safely ensure the health and wellbeing of us all. I saw a post on Facebook today that was stating all the known diseases that we have ‘eradicated’ or can now control with the use of vaccines. It was shared by a few people but originated from the Queensland Department of Health Facebook page and was sharing how vaccines are one of modern medicines greatest success stories. It was along the lines of: “Polio. Chicken Pox. Influenza (lists about 8 or 9 more – sorry I can’t find the post now) – Lets add Covid-19 to the list.” Bear with me…. When I was younger, I used to work in the Casino industry. I met a lot of people. Those of you who know me well know I like people People are one of my favorite things !! I like talking and asking questions and getting to know who people really are - their stories. One person I met while working at the Casino was a regular punter. Not a big player. Just every now and then he would come in with his brother or some friends and have some fun on a Friday night. We were about the same age (early 20’s) and got on really well and we use used to have a chat and a laugh. He was born in Vietnam but came to Australia when he was 3. He was also always on crutches and had one leg that didn’t work. So he would use one leg and the crutches to kind of drag the other around. It was always kind of hard for him to drag himself up onto the high chair of the gaming table One day I asked him what had happened to his leg and why he was on crutches. His response floored me. ‘I got Polio when I was 2 years old and it crippled me’. I was stunned. To a middle-class Australian born in the burbs of the lucky county, Polio was some old fashioned disease that I wasn’t sure even existed any more. I had never seen the effects of it and it had never crossed my mind that someone my age could be crippled for life from it. I smiled and he cracked a joke with kindness in his eyes to help me feel more comfortable. And it was not something that he was ever really concerned outwardly about - he had just learned to deal with it. But I never forgot that moment. I was grateful to be in my situation and not his and was pretty humbled at my lack of real understanding of the world outside my protected little bubble. I get it. I do. Medicine and Medical Science has truly saved millions of lives (if not billions) and improved the lives of countless - and I mean countless others. Vaccinations have done truly wonderful things and that can be celebrated. But here is the thing. That Facebook post is a misleading lie. There is so much hype around fact checking and misleading false information around covid 19 from crackpots and conspiracy theorists - but I will say it again. That post from the QLD Health Facebook page is misleading - and it can only be intentionally so. I’m not a doctor or a medical expert you say….. how can I challenge a statement from Queensland Health? Because if I pay attention and use common sense then it is not relevant what my job is. I don’t need to be an expert plumber to learn how to use the toilet. 1) To compare the Polio vaccine to either of the current used vaccines is at best ignorant and at worst intentionally misleading. The current vaccines for polio we know today took decades to perfect. Decades. Including many cases of different variations that were released and approved only to have disastrous results. As an example: ‘in April 1955 more than 200 000 children in five Western and mid-Western USA states received a polio vaccine in which the process of inactivating the live virus proved to be defective. Within days there were reports of paralysis and within a month the first mass vaccination program against polio had to be abandoned. Subsequent investigations revealed that the vaccine, manufactured by the California-based family firm of Cutter Laboratories, had caused 40 000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and killing 10.’ (Quoted from the US Library of Medicine- National Institute of Health). So the vaccine that was approved and administered actually caused the virus in almost a quarter of recipients and killed 10 of them. (This is particularly interesting to me in light of the fact that on a recent flight of fully vaccinated tourists from Israel - most contracted Covid -19 from the flight with the understanding that they had done the right thing and were trying to get back to normal as we have all been promised). Again – don’t take my word for it – look it up. Now of course have we advanced technology since 1955? Yes. In ways beyond measure. Have we learnt so much from decades of experience? Yes. Do we still to take adequate time and care in the way we test and use new medicines. 100% you bet we do. I don’t care how qualified you are – if you think that it’s not possible for there to be potentially harmful side effects to anything that has not been tested slowly and carefully in real world practice – you are not really being honest. Also as a side note if you are interested have look for yourself and see what happened to the patent for the Polio Vaccine. Not likely to see that happen in this day and age. Suggesting that there are without question other factors at play in the realm of medical science and research. 2) To include Influenza in the list of success stories in support of vaccination for Covid-19 is again either ignorant or misleading. We have had reasonable vaccine rates for influenza in Australia for many years. It’s been used commonly since the early 70’s. But Influenza still kills on between 2,000 and 3,000 people per year in Australia. In 2019 we had a particularly bad season and 4,125 people died from the flu. (The vast majority being elderly or those unwell with other conditions). Now I’m NOT saying Covid 19 is no worse than the flu. I’m not. By all reports and from talking to those friends on the front line the intensity and effects of Covid-19 on someone who develops a serious case are truly horrific and vastly more excruciating than the flu. But to go back to our previous analogy in 2014 there were 2,879 deaths in Australia from Influenza. That’s 239.91 per month. In 2019 there were 4,124 deaths - 343.66 per month. Year on year it has killed thousands, and never once been seen reason enough for the idea that mandating a vaccine that has not been fully tested is the best course of action. Or closing borders between states. Or destroying the lively hoods of millions of families. But for me that’s not the worst of what is going on. It’s not. Everywhere I look people are wary of each other. People are anxious around each other. In The streets we are divided. We are cautions and our movements are withdrawn. We are afraid. Masks may or may not be effective (again if you think this is a 100% proven fact either way you are not looking at ALL the evidence. There are plenty of experts with studies on both sides and even the WHO and Faucci himself have flip flopped on this one). But one thing I do know. Masks are having a psychological effect. They breed mistrust and insecurity. They cause us to feel separate and protective. They are impacting how we feel and relate to each other. That is easy to see. And on top that – the tension and palpable intensity on social media is like nothing I have seen. We are divided. Friends are being de-friended. Acquaintances are being scorned. People are being attacked left right and centre. We have become an “us and them”. That may have been there in certain aspects and varying levels of intensity before. But not like this. This is more. This is consuming us. This scares me more than the virus or the vaccine. Every post and every comment laced with an underlying intensity and challenge. Something is ready to burst. History has shown many many times that dividing and separating a population based on ideological, social or culturally accepted views that are enforced by popular opinion or law is an incredibly effective mechanism. I can’t think of a single example when the result of that mechanism being used has been anything short of horrific for the entire planet. Today I saw footage of a 12-year-old girl arrested, handcuffed, pepper spayed and thrown in the back of a paddy wagon by several large, armed police officers because she bought food and was not wearing a mask. 12 years old. Think about that. In Australia. I’ve seen brutal police before. Anyone who’s ever seen a member of Barcelona’s Guardia Urbana dealing with a pick pocket or illegal immigrant street hustler will get the idea. Or seen the automatic weapons on the shoulders of officers in Macedonia (part of the former war torn Yugoslavia) will understand. It’s an unwavering, unrelenting force that has no care or no willingness for any negotiation or understanding of any side of any story. Just brutal enforcement of what they have decided is true. You are not considered human in the face of that. And it is here. It is here now. You may have not made it - reading this far. That’s OK. You may not agree with all or any of what I’ve said. That’s OK you don’t have to. I still think your ace. I still hope we can be friends but understand if that’s not the case. Please don’t comment on here. I don’t want to get into an argument or back and forth. Just sit with what I’ve said and take it or leave it. I’m not interested in defending my opinion if its different to yours and I shouldn’t have to. You don’t have to listen to me. That’s fine and I’m totally OK with us having different opinions. That’s not to say I’m not interested in yours. I am. If you have something to say – write it on your page and send me a message and I’ll read it for sure with an open heart and an open mind. But getting into back and forth two and fros has shown to be completely ineffective on social media. I truly encourage you to say what you feel to say in depth and in full on your page. Don't just copy and paste what others have shared or said. Your voice is unique and needed. Say it from your heart. Say what you feel - not just what you think. I hope your doing OK. Take care of yourself and those around you. Talk, Laugh, Hug, Cry. Be the most beautiful versions of us that we can be right now. That is more powerful than we can imagine. With Love, Simon"

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