An Engineer’s Pondering of the 'faulty' Design of The Human Being

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered why the off-spring of other mammals (marsupials aside), and many creatures that crawl out of an egg (birds aside), are almost immediately self-sufficient from birth – yet we are not?

Growing up in Africa I observed the birth of many a wild-life and farm animal and within minutes of their birth the off-spring are bouncing about, albeit a little awkward at first, not only co-ordinated and self-sufficient in the body’s movements but in their ability to communicate, typically through sound and movement. Unquestionably an engineering marvel with an unfathomable intelligence at work ‘under the hood’.

So as an Engineer and father of off-spring of my own, I’m left pondering as to what went wrong with the design of All of Us, the Human-being..

Why is it that we are just about the only species on this planet whose off-spring is totally reliant on those around it in order to survive for the first several years of its life : we are unable to move purposefully, or even support the weight of our own heads initially and have a very singular ability to make sound for rudimentary communication.

It is as if there is a deliberate setup in us humans that we are to be taught how to live and be in a physical body – that there is intelligence exhibited throughout nature, and indeed throughout all the autonomic functions within our own bodies, that allows most other off-spring to immediately know and understand how to be, move and communicate. Why does this not leave us all scratching our heads in bewilderment..

And therein lies a key – the human baby’s physical development in the womb is primarily geared to the point at which the size of the head dictates the cut-off point beyond which birth through natural means is no longer feasible. (Our first-born son was 10 days late from his due date, his head was too big, and were it not for caesarean section he would not be with us).

Now forgive me here – but is it not glaringly obvious that our brain enhoused by our skull and thus determining our head size in proportion to our body at birth, is where the inherent design fault lies…

As a point of simplistic clarification: the brain comprises the elements that co-compute all the functions of the autonomic system common in Man and animal alike, yet we go a step further with the Mind (frontal lobe) that adds to this structure and complexity in Us humans. (The frontal lobe of the brain is vital to our consciousness, as well as functions that appear uniquely human, such as spoken language. It plays vital roles in memory, attention, motivation, and numerous other daily tasks).

What is it about making a body, comprised of organs that autonomously function with the ease, simplicity, flow and wisdom of all of the universe guiding its every function, and then ‘plonking’ a head on top of this structure with a 'suped-up' brain in it that has to be programmed from scratch in order for the whole of the system to have any hope of survival, purpose or function….

And, if God designed all of the rest of the beings on this planet that all work in perfect autonomous synchronicity with one another – who on earth had a hand in the design of this ‘faulty’, out of sync with the universe, human being.

Now, in truth, we All innately know the answers to these questions and the fact that we have been given a brain, the size that it is, with a mind that has to be taught how to live in the human body, is the very reason we will claim that WE DO NOT KNOW the answers – simply because we are reliant on our 'programmers' to input this data (parents, society etc), are we not.

And it begs another question – who were the first to teach us how to live if we all arrived in a form that was otherwise useless until it had been shown how??? Surely, there is a bigger picture to consider here…..

To expand on this notion by way of example, I have three sons, my wife and I the common denominators as their parents, yet all three are completely different in physical structure, personality and many other attributes (eg food intolerances). We pretty much 'programmed' them all the same way, so why such varied differences?

And furthermore, why is it that puberty hits and a child becomes a young adult and all the training that was possibly effective to that point, suddenly goes out the window and this Being takes on a whole new personality……… Why do we fob off these alarm bells so willingly – and again, is it not already programmed in this setup, not to be questioning the designer..?

Cut to the chase, Greg…

The simple truths:

  • The human being was not designed by God – His designs were copied

  • His designs were copied by a being that knew that it had the capabilities of a God to create whatever it likes, such is the Free-Will of Universal Order

  • And we know only too well, on a very human level, that when a novel design is copied by someone with an agenda to compete for individual gain as their motive, invariably they will cut a corner or two and more faults will be inherent in their product.

  • And guess what, we are all equally bandied together here on earth and in the astral plane[1] to attempt to pull off this gig of beating God at his own game – yet He has no agenda, no desire to create anything – simply a Will to be at one with the Universe and therein play His part.

  • Whereas we all exhibit the Will of individuality, to create, at odds with Universal Order to suit ourselves. Yet, we are surprised when our programmed intelligence delivers such marvels of modern technology such as smartphones, and the likes, that then aide and abet young and old alike to become addicted puppets to a flickering screen. We are (or should be) surprised by absolutely shocking ill-health statistics, never exhibited in Nature on the scales and proportions that are increasingly being exhibited in our human population through self-infliction.

And therein lies another clue for us – that the intelligence within our organs and cells far outweighs that of the trained mind, for the physical body offers us a great service of expelling the flagrant disregards of this ‘ignorant’ being that accumulates energetically within our bodies through what we term illness and disease.

As a young parent I would wonder how it was that every baby in the delivery ward was so unique (let’s face it most buck look like buck, and cows of a breed all look alike in the field), many seemingly blessed with ‘perfect health’ and then there are those born into the world already very ill - and we could now say, already clearing the disregards of past lives lived to restore universal order.

  • There is a simple truth to this particular quandary of ours: re-incarnation is the process whereby our energetic make-up carries the energetic excesses from one life to the next. And so our teenagers, at the requisite age when their karma returns for them to address their past lives' (adult) choices, are re-programmed by their being to deal with their personalities past – and invariably this is at odds with their current life’s programming. How masterful is the trickery that prescribed the requirement to program an oversized organ at birth to ensure we do not get taught this by our 'programmers' – whom themselves are simply a product of previous programming, thinking all the while that they are the masters-in-charge – and so we have been going round and around for a very long time.

  • How does one then approach the roles and responsibilities of being a parent, when it is known that this is the case, bar none – well in my personal experience with a very different understanding and appreciation to how I was initially programmed to do so……

  • And are we at all surprised that hoarding these confused young beings collectively into a penstock, such as our current education model systems, that chaos ensues and they all seek ways to check out from life and are easy prey to the addictive flickering screens we have 'technologically advanced' to produce. Though this will have to be the topic of another discussion.

All sounds rather like the dark side at this juncture, where is the Light???

  • The Light is within each and every single one of All of Us

  • We are, always have been, and always will be imbued by the spark of God within our energetic make-up known as Our Soul

  • The Soul is our energetic make-up in full and remains on stand-by for us to return to

  • The Spirit is our energetic make-up that forms the ‘separated aspect’ of our Soul for the singular purpose of playing out the role of an individuated creator for selfish gains

  • The Spirit (collectively as a group) residing in the astral plane is the designer and creator of the, less than aspiring crib of our Originators Works of Nature, the Human Being

  • And the Spirit is the initiating programmer of the first prototypes of human flesh that walked the earth

I confess, this is to be a seriously light-hearted and high-level gloss over of such matters that will take books and books filled with the Ageless Wisdom, to be written to unravel all that is on offer to be unfolded in great detail.

Thank-fully these books are being, and have already been written and are available here and there are other web and blog sites that explore the many avenues of support on hand to help Us begin to unravel the depths to which we have been fooled on a human level and offer a pathway back to the Light of who we Truly Are…...

As for having an over-sized appendage propped on our shoulders to deal with, consider the possibilities of relying on its programmed dictates less and less – for the innate wisdom of the universe resides not only in Our Soul, but within the make-up of every Devine particle of the rest of our physical body. All we need, to re-instill the connection to who we are, is to listen to the messages on offer, through how our body feels, a little more each day…


[1] The astral plane is the 4th dimensional realm just above the earth’s surface where, in spirit form, we ‘reside’ as eternal beings between lives lived on earth as humans, and where those of Us reside permanently as spirits having never yet incarnated into human form. A realm definitely not to be confused with Heaven, which is the realm upon and above the earth’s surface, where our Brothers in Soul reside and to which we will All, ultimately, return.

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