Einstein’s Message – A Dinner Table Conversation – Part 2

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

What if the way we each choose to treat our physical body is of far greater concern than the manufacture of Atomic weapons..

As a follow on to this conversation piece of exploring the deeper message behind Albert Einstein’s equation, E=mc^2 we explore re-arranging the perspective that currently holds Science and Mankind in the quest for deriving Energy from Matter as our sole objective.

We previously discussed the perspective that matter is, in fact, the end result of Energy if we were to simply re-arrange the formula as follows:

Einstein's Message - Part 1

To further the conversation, let us expand on the quality of the energetic source that ‘forms’ the condensed particles into matter as we touched on previously by the result of lowering the vibrational frequency or quality of the Light source (“c” is the measure of the speed of light (a really big number! – perhaps relevant to calculating the explosive potential of a bomb, but beyond that asks for a deeper understanding of its relevance to the equation).

So let us replace “c^2” with a variable “Q” and now we have a formula that enquires as to the end result of the energetic vibrational level, or Quality, when influenced by the Energy source, and/or the density of the Matter. This gives us:

Einstein's Message - Part 2

Let us begin to ponder the relationship between the density of matter and its effect on the quality of the being that has been sourced by a unit of Energy. And furthermore to explore the effect of the source of Energy.

In further detail, explained as follows:

For an equivalent value of “E”, the denser the arrangement of particles (ie the heavier the unit of matter for the space it occupies) the lower the “Q” value will be.

Now we could understand that the eternal being of our essence(1) is, in fact, a ‘body’ of matter that vibrates at a much higher frequency, or Quality, than that of our physical (much denser) body. It would also suggest that our human vehicle(2) will never be capable of holding the full vibration of our essence simply because it is too densely configured.

By simple numeric example :

If E = 10, m(1) = 2 then, Q(1) = 10/2 = 5; but if the being is much denser/heavier then,

say E = 10, m(2)= 10 this would mean that Q(2)= 10/10 = 1

ie. The quality in the heavier body is much lower.

The second understanding we are offered with the formula oriented in such a manner, and furthers the discussion, incorporates the quality of the sources of energy (either that of Fire(1), or that of the Astral consciousnesses(2) as mentioned in Part 1) is that a ‘being of matter’ impulsed by a lower form of Energy source will only be able to vibrate at a lower frequency.

By simple numeric example:

If E(1)= 1000, m= 2 then, Q(1) = 100/2 = 500; but if the energy source is far lesser,

then say E(2)= 10 and m = 2, would mean that Q(2)= 10/2 = 5.

ie. The body sourced by a lower form of Energy can only vibrate with a lower 'value' of Quality.

What this might spark as a dinner table discussion, are the possibilities that there is far more to us than just the flesh and bones of our make-up, and that even the simple activity of spending hours in the gym ‘growing’ muscles into a denser form of matter has an effect on the quality of the vibration of our being…..

There is yet a further avenue of exploration here that awaits:

What if “Q” is a measure of “Love”; and let us be more specific and call it “God’s Love”, or “The Magnificence that makes up the Whole of the Universe”.

Would it be possible to fathom a discussion that explores that the denser we make our physical body through food & drink, excessive exercise, etc – the lesser the level of Love we are able to hold in such a body.

Would this explain something of our relationship to Our-self, one another, and all that exists throughout the planet, and universe beyond…

Might this lesser quotient of Love in our lives also point a finger at the growing epidemic of ill-health in our societies..

And, if our Essence IS Love to begin with, what is the grand game that the Astral consciousnesses are playing with our Being within, to keep Us at bay from being the grandness we All are..


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