Einstein’s Message – a Dinner Table Discussion?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Albert Einstein presented an equation, E=mc^2 which is well known in scientific circles, but what about the everyday man in the street – what does ‘everything is energy’ mean to every day life. It was certainly not a hot topic at the dinner table or around the BBQ when I was growing up.

More recently, and at least since late 1999, philosopher, writer and presenter Serge Benhayon has been presenting on the Ageless Wisdom and the possibility that if Everything is Energy, then it stands to be said that Everything is Because of Energy.

I first heard this being presented almost 10 years ago and it has taken till now for the realisation to sink in that Einstein was onto something, but perhaps simply did not deliver the message in a manner that made sense to All of us..

What would our perspective have been, since that day, if this equation had been re-arranged and delivered from the outset as follows:

“m” is characterised as being the unit of mass, or more personably described as a means of defining ‘matter’ – i.e. Flesh and bone and all the particles in-between, for the man in the street.

“E” represents energy, of which there are seemingly many forms known to Man and measured as; e.g. light, sound, heat, gravity, (sugar content..) etc

“c” is the unit of measure describing the speed of light (and for the purposes of our ponderings here may well be considered to be a variable value and not necessarily as a constant)…

Ever since E=mc^2 was postulated, the focus by our scientific world has been on the derivation of Energy from Matter – we’ve made atomic bombs, nuclear power stations, computers and smart phones - all as a result of finding matter that has a whole lot of stored up energy in it per unit weight. E.g a piece of uranium holds far more concentrated energy than compared with say a lump of coal; and lithium polymers have revolutionised battery technology which has led to the likes of our smart phones etc - All of which remains very much topical dinner table debate.

What if we were to instead consider that matter (having mass) is the result of energy being there first and foremost, and that if “c” is variable by the possibility that the quality, or frequency of vibration of light (in other words the speed of vibration of the particles of light) in a denser medium is far slower – then, this would imply the slower the vibrational frequency (of light) becomes; the denser, or heavier the unit mass of matter would be for an equivalent unit of energy “E”.

Quite possibly this still doesn’t really mean anything for anyone having a dinner conversation, but what if we were to pause for consideration, and consider that we are not the be-all and end-all as a human being – we did not come first.

First there had to be an energetic source and that source had to be ‘slowed down’ in its natural frequency of vibration in sufficient magnitude to allow particles (of light) to come together in a densely enough configured arrangement to form everything we see and touch in our world.

And thereafter it stands to reason that our every movement, sound, thought, behaviour etc that occurs within this world has to also be the product of an energy making it so – for what else is providing the source for all this to occur…

So, the message that has been succinctly shared with us All by Serge Benhayon since 1999 could very well become a dinner table topic for conversation, for us to really begin to examine every facet of our lives from a perspective that Energy (and its quality) really is Everything in our lives and should be the first, last and in-between consideration in every moment of our day.

Perhaps this still would leave us hanging as to the nondescript nature of what energy is if it were not for the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom throughout our history reminding us that there are two distinct forms, or quality of energy from which we may choose to be sourced...

There are many books and blogs already written that address this statement above and provide the depth and clarity by which we are reminded of who we are – suffice to summarily offer that the energy of Fire, being the source from which we are originally derived, and that which we will return to, remains within us All. The other source (quality) is that of the Astral energy that fuels the multitude of consciousnesses we choose to align to, which dictates our every thought and deed upon this planet perpetuating our ignorance of the Truth of who we are…..

One-day, when we call for it, Science will shift its perspective by re-arranging the emphasis of a few formulae that have, to date, quite possibly led us further astray.

'Food for thought'....


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