Self-defence : what are we defending

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

'Itch, knee, sun'….. counting to 10 in Japanese and doing press-ups on the tarmac outside the dojo till our knuckles bled – I was recently reminded of karate classes in my youth and it sparked a deeper pondering on our general view of securing life.

I became proficient in learning kata’s (bit like a sequenced slow-motion dance) but never really enjoyed Kumite (controlled fight) – being punched or kicked never felt great, yet equally landing a blow on my opponent never felt any better, really – certainly did not feel natural to the gentle youngster I was.

So why the karate lessons at the tender age of 8 or 9, and equally so the self-defence classes arranged at many a corporate team-building day in my adulthood in South Africa…..

What is it about life in general that just about our entire focus in on security; be it physical, mental, financial, or simply eeking out survival for so many..

Physical – I attended many self-defence classes, and a period of spending hours every week in the gym bulking up my physique; not to mention carrying a concealed firearm on my hip for 15 years

Mental – our education and study are geared almost exclusively to us being one step ahead of the pack

Financial – having enough for life’s ‘essentials’, then having more than enough to cater for any eventuality

Food, shelter, warmth – for many, life is simply about surviving as many sunrises as the physical body will endure.

Seemingly the point, or primary objective of security is about surviving life as long as possible.

Enter the possibility that we do not live just one life, that we are immortal beings – sure the physical body starts afresh for each ‘new’ life, though even this comes loaded/configured with the energetic conditions of lives past for that being..

How might we go about daily life and our interactions with one another if this postulation was, per chance, to be the absolute truth:

Would we hold fear of one another, or would we be far more open, accepting and truly loving of one another…

Would we consider the need to compete or out-do one another, given over the space of time (and many many lives) the scoresheet would no doubt balance out; or would we live far more harmoniously, working towards common objectives and being content with far greater simplicity in life…

Would we forsake the quality of our being to simply hang in there and notch up as many hours on life’s clock in a given life, or could we be more surrendered to the path of evolving our being – open to the magic of energetic healing of the past, through allowing the body to fully release all the ill-choices we have made – would we continue to call this illness and disease and look upon it as a curse…

No matter the individual choices we are making, or whether there is vehement denial of the truth – one thing is for certain – life in this 21st century on this planet is hardly a Sunday school picnic – and shows little sign of shifting any time soon; unless we all become just a little bit more honest about what’s really going on – what ‘ignorance’ are we in self-defence of exposing, and equally defending one another from….

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