Workplace Health and Safety: Part 3 – Karma!!!

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

In Part 2 we explored who’s responsibility workplace health and safety (WHS) rests with, whilst touching on the notion of energetic awareness.

I grew up under the doctrine of Christian beliefs and furthermore entering the workplace of engineering, with all things scientific and mathematical, which left little room for the notion of re-incarnation and the role of karma in our lives.

However, a well-known ‘mathematical scholar’ in our recent history made available to us all, the notion, that “Everything is Energy” (though these words are a re-interpretation, it sums up the essence behind the mathematics).

Yet the world around us barely pays any heed to this notion whatsoever – and so it is in our workplaces too.

When we care not for ourselves, this is a deliberate act of ignoring that we are not the immortal energetic beings we are, rather reducing our innate wisdom of the All to mere flesh and bone with a one life approach.

So before we even begin to unravel the constructs of WHS and whose responsibilities lie where, perhaps we ought to consider the possibilities that everything we do as an individual, matters.

Every choice we make has a consequence; again the simple example from the previous article: choosing to stay up late watching TV means we are less than at our peak at work the next day, and the consequence of a lapse in focus or conscious presence may be dire. Yet very rarely would this level of scrutiny be applied when assessing who was ‘at fault’ when an incident in the workplace occurs.

And, in fact, any such inquiry should then beg the next question as to what underlay that individual’s choice to stay up late the night before – what was keeping him/her from honouring their body’s natural rhythms and messages. Could it have had anything to do with the choice of foods consumed during the day, or the emotions that played out in their relationships with others, or the means by which they care for themselves in general.

There are even further questions to be asked as to the nature of the choices of food and emotions suggested above. And yet, ultimately it boils down to choices in every single facet of our daily lives that are made to either honour and nurture our being, or, in stark contrast, choices that keep us ‘specifically in the dark’ as to the true nature and purpose of us all.

Expanding on the notion that 'everything is energy' is the quotation from presenter, author and philosopher Serge Benhayon: “If everything is energy, therefore everything is Because of energy”.

This introduces to humanity that, in fact, our every choice we make is the result of the energy that makes it so. We are therefore re-awakened to the fact that there are two principle energy sources from which we may choose, the result of which is whether we are supported to act and live in a manner that is congruent with the universe, honouring of our body’s messages and in harmony and flow with nature, everyone and everything around us. OR, we make choices to eat poorly, argue and fight with one another and generally be in a way that is disrespectful to ourselves, others and our environment, the excesses of which have their hand in orchestrating an incident at work, or in life.

For the latter case in the paragraph above, there surely cannot be anyone else to ‘blame’ for what happens to us, in (or to) our body, other than for the choices we have made, in this life, and the many lives lived before this one.

Yes, it is an energetic fact that we are not graced with just one life to ‘have a bit of fun’ on this plane of life, but that we continue to re-incarnate to experience life all over again till we realise the choices and consequences of the ill-energy we align to – all too often casually referred to as karma.

Perhaps this article is far too much of a leap ahead, for our current depth of slumber, with regard to our chosen energetic awareness - so suffice to conclude that there is far more for us to begin to question and consider when someone’s choices in life results in an incident at work that many others may ‘unreasonably’ be held to account for… though we are all in this plane of life together, and there is no such thing as fate, or luck, or accident – we are always constellated to be where we are to be in every moment and situation we find ourselves in…..

We are deliberate players, are we not?


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