Who Chose Recall as the Measuring Stick of Our Education System

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

In our recent past a certain man was supposedly quoted as saying : “Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.

Let’s explore this climbing the tree analogy a little deeper:

  • The bird, with a flap of its wing, alights to the top of the tree in a flash and is seemingly the champion in the classroom

  • The ape, adept and built for the task, is a close second to the bird (and depending on the particular surrounding bush affecting the bird’s flight path might even outdo the bird on occasion – so competition is rife between them)

  • The koala, also built for the task, will take as long it chooses to reach the top – or may even decide that half way up is far enough

  • The rhinoceros will repeatedly bash its head into the tree trunk in its sheer frustration at the task, just about shaking all others out of the branches

  • The elephant, in its might, will be expelled because it simply pushed the tree over till the top was within his reach

  • And the fish, well it simply cannot survive being out of water. And this is the very disturbing reality of a statistic that is sky-rocketing throughout our youth and workforce alike – an alarm bell we ought to be bringing more attention to as a society..

Now many will consider Albert Einstein an intelligent man who must have alighted to the top of his class at school – but this was not the case. Instead he was an ordinary man (even considered below par by the schooling system), though he lived connected to the universe in a manner that allowed great wisdom to be shared.

And we are All no different to this man, for we are all equally capable of connecting to the innate wisdom we hold within, a wisdom that understands exactly who we are, that allows us the choices we make, and supports us in unfolding our own paths to bring a unique flavour to the quality that holds us equally.

Heavens forbid that we discount the qualities of the Rhinoceros in our class, though he appears to do nothing more than graze all day, his strict adherence to marking his territory means that the moment a flame appears in his section of the bushland, he will use his large feet to do his all to stamp it out before it spreads as wild fire affecting the well-being of all others (and burning down the trees).

As to the question of who chose recall as the measuring stick of the education system – quite simply, recall is a convenient tool to bring separation to the ranks and as a skill in itself, is no measure in assessing our True abilities.

If is was not for recall, then another means of measurement would be chosen, for it has nothing to do with the type of stick we’re using - But everything to do with the fact that we are choosing to measure ourselves against one another. That is the guaranteed downfall of any system

There is no greater harm inflicted upon one another than through the expressions of comparison and jealousy, and measurement of one versus another will guarantee this outplay for as long as we choose for it to be so.

Education of a young child is vital to our individual roles within society, for reading and writing and mathematical equations are important tools in our current way of life. But not every one of us needs to be an engineer to build a bridge, for the qualities and skills that the concreter, carpenter and steel fixer bring are equally vital to the task at hand.

Who Chose Recall as the Measuring Stick of Our Education System

Education will be of True service to All when it provides a holding space for children and adults alike, to explore their unique qualities that will be their contribution to the Whole, whilst they engage in being presented with the tools at their disposal.

Right now, the competition we encourage in our education system simply keeps us from our stillness - and Stillness is the quality through which we understand and know the energetic Truth that allows us to confirm our true qualities which lie within. In other words : our connection to the universe.

And we all know what competition feels like: there is a constant raciness in the body, excitement juxtaposed with disappointment, a hardness and sadness all in one bringing tension to every limb – none of which serves, but forces us to climb a tree we may never have been designed to climb at all…

Re-connecting to Stillness is as simple as gazing at the stars, or feeling the quality of a gentle breath throughout your body. Knowing this then, and holding it as a marker throughout the day, is your beacon to discerning energetically all that is True versus all that is not….

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