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Reverse engineering is a common term used to describe the process of ‘unravelling’ how something was built by taking it apart and putting it back together to learn how it works or how to re-produce it. This is commonly called upon to ‘copy’ another’s invention or product in the spirit of competition in the business arena.

Having studied civil engineering and worked in the construction sector over the past twenty odd years, I have observed increasingly how the advancement of technology, seemingly bringing about more advanced civilisation of the planet, is perhaps occurring to the detriment of our evolution.

What is true engineering?

Consider for a moment buildings of ‘old’ and we need not travel that far back in time, for a mere 100 to 200 years ago it is clearly evident that the architecture dictated a level of quality, care and attention to detail that prescribed that a tradesman plied his skills on a day to day basis, without the ‘pressure of time’ factor applied to the task. In other words, a tradesman worked at the pace that allowed him the space to afford attention to detail that ensured these qualities were reflected in the style and workmanship of the end product.

Is it surprising then, how these sorts of structures ‘outlast’ many other more recent ones around them?

And surely we’ve all felt the difference walking into a home or building that has been built with relative love and care compared with others ‘thrown’ up for financial gain. Have we ever stopped to consider where ‘sick building syndrome’ truly begins – perhaps it begins in the early design stages, followed by the foundation work and so on up, without any true consideration for humanity offered at any stage of the process.

If engineering was to be considerate of the qualities of the human being applying their trade in the factory, or on the construction site; we would then consider too, these qualities that will be reflected ongoingly after the project is complete; such that the end user, resident or passer-by is held in the energy of these qualities instilled by the designer and builder. Would we continue to marvel at our ‘advancing’ civilisation’s ability to ‘fast-track’ projects with no regard for all the beings involved?

Exhaustion in construction

Let’s face it, and I witness this on construction sites on a daily basis, the first person to suffer the demands of the client to have his product built in record ‘time’ - is the tradesman at the ‘coal-face’. What if we were to consider the dietary choices of so many of our tradesmen in the industry – high caffeine and sugary ‘energy’ drinks for breakfast, lunch and tea and then what about their after work hours past-time of alcohol (more sugar) and recreational drugs.

And what about the office staff, designers, engineers, professionals? – mostly all propping themselves up with how many cups of coffee in a day, and/or running their lives in the same frantic notion of the energy on the building site??

And all this began to change significantly with the acceleration of technology in the form of the cellular phone and the internet and the new-found speed of ‘communication’ – any surprises here as to the question of advancing technology and where it is taking us as the human being?

This is not for a moment a critique of one’s dietary and other choices– rather an expose` of what is truly going on. Twenty odd years ago when I entered the industry energy drinks did not exist, coffee was an occasional habit. So what does the advent of high energy stimulant drinks tell us about our path of evolution?

Our tradesmen, engineers, surveyors, designers, quantity surveyors, admin staff, executives (and the list goes on) in the construction sector (and other industries alike) are all exhausted. They have been for a long time, but it’s getting far worse.

How do we call it advancing our species when the toll technology takes on one’s well-being is visibly evident to the astute observer? Yes, we have WHS, OH&S, SWMS, JSEA’s and many other jargon and policies for the safety of people and the environment that is all the lip service of an industry response to cover up the fact that we treat the work force like slaves.

Sure we have fewer ‘accidents’ in the workplace compared with the statistics of the past, but what about the measure of well-being of every individual working for the project, team or company…

And what is the quality of the built structure, what is its emanation for all its ‘future’ years of existence when everyone contributing to its design and build is being physically and energetically exhausted by the process?

15,000+ years ago we had pyramids and other magnificent structures built by communities of people that clearly lived very differently to how we have since ‘advanced’ to living now. One cannot deny the science, the attention to detail, the exacting tolerance and fit of one massive block of stone to another in the true pyramids – the angles, geometry, alignments and what about their energetic emanations…

Yes, there were those ‘reverse-engineered’ by much later civilisations (more advanced empires??) that have not stood the test of time by any stretch of the time scale. Are we surprised that those built with actual slave labour are perhaps the poor relics that have long since crumbled, if not completely turned back to dust. And why have we not built any replicas since with our modern technology machines – perhaps we’ve realised that even with these, we simply cannot…..

So how have we advanced – our industry is driven by greed – build it as fast as possible, for no other reason than to satisfy the client’s financial bottom line. And what about corruption and competition, how do they play their hand in the quality of the product or structure left behind and what it emanates energetically for the rest of its days.

And are those employed to design, engineer, set out and build or manufacture not held to an insidious slavery – forsake who you are, forsake the true qualities of your being – just show up early, ‘work’ frantically all day long and leave for home late.

Exhausted, physically and energetically from start to finish…

Engineering has often been described as a blend of science and art – so what is the science behind (advancing) technology and the art of modern day slavery that considers naught the true inner qualities of the designer, the builder, the end user, or passer-by?

Are we not simply ‘advancing’ ourselves ever further away from the truth we once lived, long ago…

Perhaps, from a deeper level of our being, as a society in general (for each one of us carries the responsibility for our choices), we have collectively reverse-engineered life in all its forms, such that our chosen path of evolution purpose-fully leads us further away from a quality of livingness that built the true pyramids of old, where nearly everything we have fabricated or constructed ever since has brought about the polar opposite of the energetic reflections the pyramids offered – and perhaps we could ask ourselves why

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