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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Many would argue I’ve lived a life wanting for nothing…

To be honest and by all accounts this statement would be just about completely true.

Growing up:

I had a sheltered, normal upbringing in a loving, caring, functional family, living in a quiet suburb of a mid-sized town near the warm Indian Ocean shore. My parents are still married 46 years later and my 3 siblings live very normal lives, all married with kids.

We only moved house once in my 20 odd years living with my family so I had a really stable upbringing, good schooling, many friends, no real enemies. Socially, if anything I preferred my own company most of the time. I did not particularly enjoy or see the point of playing sport, but participated in most anyway.

I achieved well above average grades that entitled me to attend university and my parents were able to fund this tuition, and after 4 years I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. My career success was pretty much assured.


At age 18, I met my wife to be and we dated for 5 years before marrying and started a family 5 years later. We have 3 amazing sons, not without a few sleepless nights along the way, but they were all born with all their fingers and toes and have remained fit and healthy.

The early days of my working career in the construction industry were loads of fun and the next job opportunity always presented at the right time and offered better prospects and career advancement. We couldn’t quite afford our first home (or the second) with our savings alone but my in-laws were there to assist.

My cars have never been brand new, but always served the purpose and adequately suited my lifestyle.


Aside from pretty standard childhood illnesses, an inguinal hernia operation at age 4 to remedy a birth defect; falling out of a tree at age 7 and cracking my elbow – the only really notable ill-health moments were incessant itchy eyes and a severe dose of glandular fever as a teenager (living near sugarcane crops on one hill and industrial pollution and air traffic fallout on the other) and an off-road motor bike accident in my early twenties that left me being air-lifted to hospital with multiple fractures in my spine.

Oh and then there was the insufferable heartburn a few years later from living on a daily diet of freshly baked pies from the deli 3 doors down from the office and the obligatory take-away fast foods most weekends. And I nearly forgot, I had to take up drinking single malt whisky when the yeast in beer proved to be too much for my digestive system at one stage in my early thirties.

More recently:

When it finally dawned upon us that a future in Africa was no longer the ideal for our young family, we were amazed as to how easily everything fell into place to support our relocation to Australia and even the global financial wobbles that left me briefly unemployed in a ‘foreign’ land was not enough to really ‘rock the cruisy boat I’ve been sailing on’ all my life.

So why Universal Medicine:

Even the trappings of greed and comparison with others, have never lead me to be particularly driven to search for answers to ‘fix’ any aspect of my life. But what I could feel on many occasions is that the promotion at work, bigger house, newer car, fruits of long hours in the gym in as far as how my body was looking, were all relatively momentary relief from a sense of (and there was never a complete acceptance, or satisfaction but always a hankering for the next aspect that would resolve this feeling of) incompleteness or emptiness.

I have always been deeply resolved that there is a God, that we are not the only ‘life’ in the universe, nor that life on earth is the be all and end all of our lot.

I know it now as part of the divine plan that I was not looking for Universal Medicine, so much as Universal Medicine presented itself as a possibility for me to ‘bump into’ along my life’s journey.

To explain this notion in a little more detail: it was through my wife’s ill-health and a series of other events, like finding a local dentist and cranio-sacral therapist for the children, that Universal Medicine presented itself in several ways, and included was a flyer in a clinic waiting room.

Prior to emigrating I had attended an introductory weekend workshop in cranio-sacral therapy which had sparked an interest through my seeming ability to ‘feel energy’ in my hands and here was a flyer for a presentation on ‘energy and healing’ and hence a sense of curiosity re-awoke.

Anyone who knows me well will recall that I do not suffer fools lightly and always treated anything ‘new’ with a healthy dose of scepticism - attending the first Universal Medicine presentation in 2010 was no different.

I had no particular reason to be at the presentation and I quickly realised that the presenter, Serge Benhayon had no particular ‘need’ for me (or anyone) to be in his audience for that matter. He simply presented the facts as they were for him and how he was living his life in accordance to what he was sharing, at the time.

But there was something familiar with what Serge presented that day on the subject of energy, which not only made sense to my way of reasoning, but also resonated deep within my body.

From that day on my study of the Ageless Wisdom as presented through the ongoing presentations, workshops and retreats afforded by Universal Medicine have become a part of my everyday life; to the point that I feel that I now have the lived experience of putting into practise what has been presented as possibilities, to find it is entirely up to me and my own choices in life as to how my life plays out and I am equipped to appreciate all of who I am and therefore live in a way that is now free of so much of the ‘what is not true’ in my life.

Had I continued on the other path more commonly trod:

I sometimes ponder where my life would be right now had I not ‘bumped into’ Universal Medicine in 2010.

  • I would still be swearing profusely at workers on site, the family and socially.

  • I would have continued my dependence on alcohol to relieve my stresses (there is no denying though that my body always knew of it as a toxic poison).

  • I would have been ever more reliant on sugary, high carb and caffeinated foods and drinks to sustain the ‘out of control’ nervous tension and anxiousness I was living with on a daily basis (although at the time I was quite unaware of the true extent of this).

  • I would no doubt still be having heated arguments with my amazing wife over non-existent issues that I previously somehow made issues of – like finances and who’s the breadwinner and jealousy of other men she may have spoken to, etc etc.

  • On that note of the breadwinner, I would still be shouldering the burdens of being a ‘man’ and therefore the provider and leader of the family – never considering the rest of the family as equals for what they each bring in who they are.

  • And as a role model to my sons, I would have continued entrenching in them the importance of competition and achieving in order to prepare them for this role one day.

  • I would have remained lost in comparison and envy over material goods and ‘stuff’ my friends might be sporting the latest of.

  • I would still be leaving the cooking and household duties to my wife, shirking many of my responsibilities in life.

  • I would still be all-consumed by sporting events on weekends and 'hiding away' from the family in the evenings after work in the ‘man shed’ with all my hobbies.

  • I would still be rock hard in my male body, with thicker and thicker layers of protection to hide away the true sensitivity to all that I feel as a tender, vulnerable amazing man.

  • I STILL WOULD NOT KNOW WHO I AM, AND ALL THAT I AM and not have the opportunity to live in the glory and responsibility of therefore now knowing all this.

And the myriad of reasons will continue to unfold – so who needs Universal Medicine?

Well I certainly did not ‘need’ Universal Medicine…..

But, I sure do look back and thank all of Heaven on a regular basis for the True service and commitment that Serge Benhayon and all of Universal Medicine offers through walking the talk of all that is presented and holding steadfastly true as living examples of the absolute amazingness that we All, equally, hold within.

And I am inspired to live as a similar beacon for the rest of my days…

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