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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Of late, and over the past few years I have noticed how behaviours in our society are changing: seemingly extreme behaviours are becoming even more extreme, and the frequency of occurrence of these beginning to push the boundaries of perception to the point of us, as society, resigning to possibility that these extremes begin morphing into what becomes accepted as the new norm.

No different are my experiences with the schools our children attend in as far as my observing that behaviours are changing – fortunately though the school management teams appear united in addressing this trend and not accepting that our community allow this trend to morph into normality.

So what is going on?

To be frank, every single issue we have as an adult can be traced back to one common denominator: we do not know who we truly are, or in other words : we have lost connection to our essence within and therefore mask this seeming lack of awareness thereof, with behaviours and emotions to hide/dull/numb the pain of knowing Truth but not choosing to be in rhythm with it in the way we live our every day lives.

In children this plays out a little differently, in that children are born with, and are completely connected with their inner essence; the hardship for them being that the adult world does not reflect this awareness and, in fact, and as a result dictates that children similarly un-learn this awareness. To understand behaviours (and emotions) of children, we might begin to look at the way in which life and society is set up to re-model them to be appraised and/or accepted by what they do rather than firstly accepting and acknowledging them for all they truly are and thereafter teaching them how to apply skills and tools in order to be committed to daily life, to grow up in service with, and to, one another. As I witness through children at school, their behaviours stem from the tension they feel within, to a world that doesn't make sense when viewed from the truth, love, joy and harmony they are connected to within.

So they are, in effect, taught to deal with this tension through primary behaviours such as withdrawing, or conversely showing off for attention; and then there are the myriad of emotions that build the layers upon this foundation.

This begins intermittently, but the behaviours solidify more and more through primary school and pretty much take over completely during high school as children wrestle with disconnecting from their inner essence. In the school learning environment this tension wreaks havoc in the classroom with one's ability to cope with performing to a set standard, that on a particular day might not fit with the natural rhythm that a child feels aligned with in their bodies (the whole universe aligns to and responds to rhythms; and of which we are made from the same 'dust' and hence our particles similarly align to the vibrations that dictate these rhythms) such that reading, writing or learning spellings on that day might be happening/dictated at a pace that does not fit their natural rhythm and hence tension builds in the child who then presents as having a difficulty, rather than being assessed as simply being out of rhythm...

To bring back the truth, love, joy and harmony in our societies is as simple as re-connecting to our essence as adults and therefore beginning to re-build our awareness to align with that of our children; to allow this awareness to connect to our bodies and therefore honour the natural rhythm of the universe, and hence All life. This brings harmony, in which all would move as one, expressing the truth, love and joy known to us by living from our inner essence and in rhythm with the universe.

--- Re-connection ---

I am reminded of my youth (and many may relate) and my mother’s periodic intervention for me to count to ten, or “just breathe” in order to help me break out of an overwhelming emotional state.

To understand more of how to begin to re-connect with our inner essence, there is a simple Gentle Breath Meditation(TM) which need take no more than 5 minutes in a day to allow one’s awareness of how the body feels during breathing, to return the body to its natural stillness, therefore allowing the possibility of re-connecting to our inner essence within.

--- Further reading ---

School Stress: The Real Test At School : By Jenny, McLeans Ridges, NSW

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"A teacher must be CELEBRATED and HONOURED in everything they are and in everything they bring, EACH AND EVERY DAY!

Equal to this, they must be given ALL the tools of how to do this for THEMSELVES, that is, to truly celebrate and honour all that they are and all that they bring to our lives."

~ Michael Benhayon, Director

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