The Government’s Budget Proposal; A Broken Election Promise – WHY?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

There is much debate in the media, public and private circles on the fundamental breach of the Liberal Party’s electoral promise — perhaps presenting an opportunity for us all to reflect on the degree of truth to which we choose to live in our own lives.

Seemingly I'm yet to hear a single reporter or political analyst ask the obvious question — WHY?

  • Why is the newly elected governing party hanging itself out to dry?

  • What is really going on behind the scenes?

  • Who in the political, business and social arenas has made the decisions, that has led to this 'Stop' being called at this point in time?

Perhaps, the most important question for all of us is — why are we in such vehement reaction to what is being presented?

What I am witnessing is much hype and distraction being played out at all levels of government, business and social gathering and again the question I ask is, why?

Perhaps underlying all that is being presented on the surface here, is a collective reaction to our individual responsibilities that we, either consciously or sub-consciously are aware of, that we have not played our part in upholding.

Do we not gather round the barbeque and discuss the possibility that our health is not our responsibility, but that of the health system to ensure they keep us going when we fall apart?

How is it possible that we view a $7 contribution to a doctor’s visit as an overwhelming burden on our personal finances?

Is it not a possibility that we are in fact, reacting to our lack of taking responsibility, by being asked to begin to consider that this $7 contribution is in fact, a self-gesture of our INVESTMENT in our own well-being and that of our families that we are not prepared to own up to?

What else would we more willingly invest $7 in, in our daily lives, above and before our own health and well-being?

As another relevant example, are we not aware of the corruption and greed that continues to play out in our own circles in the work place, from the most insignificant indiscretions of ‘borrowing’ company stationery for personal use — to the grandest levels of deceit and disregard in the boardrooms of many organisations?

And do we not sit quietly, ignoring the signs for it begs the question of our own responsibilities we’re choosing not to own up to?

So when a government (as a representation of society) stands up and says we’re 'breaking our promise', because there’s simply no way out for us to continue to hide from the mess we've all accumulated by choices we have made in our own lives — is it any surprise as to our vehement reaction to the choices of the lack of responsibility we have taken for ourselves?

There is however a light at the end of this tunnel — the light of truth and the possibility that we have a choice in every moment in our lives to honour the truth of how we feel in any given situation and thereby call out that which does not feel like the truth. Responsibility for ourselves is a simple choice — the possible outcomes of which : a society free from lies, deception, greed, manipulation and broken promises — worth choosing?

Greg Hall

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