The Lower Mind - An obsolete component of our anatomy?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

When I reflect on my school and university days, it seems the world prepared me and therefore appraised, judged and ranked me according to my ability to be able to store and retrieve information.

As though that 5% piece (generous proportioning) of my physiology (my lower mind) was the defining component of all that I was and all that I would ultimately amount to be in the world.

In present day lingo if my brain was the 'CPU' (central processing unit) of my body's machinery then who I would amount to being, was determined by the size of my 'hard-drive' and how fast my 'RAM' (random access memory) worked. Not unlike how we judge and compare our computing devices of today.

By my teen years, and "fortunately" for some of my mates and the later generations the sporting arena exploded into a professional avenue for recognition too, so some of the pressure was taken off being totally defined by how well tuned one's lower mind was - as long as they then had the sporting ability as an alternative...

Fast forward to present times and I sit here pondering the obsolescence of 90% of our lower mind (hard-drive and RAM) - who needs to recall dates, names & places from a history lesson, or formulae and equations from maths class, or even pictures and processes in a biology text book - its all instantly accessible on the world wide web - and let's face it, there aren't to many of us capable of out-storing, out-sorting and out-recalling all the information on Google's computers.

So where does that leave our lower mind? How does the world of acadaemia train and judge and rank and file us all now?

Where does that leave us trying to fit into the working world? And let's face it - those school boy 'jocks' that make it all the way to professional careers earn (financially) in just a few years what would take many of us an entire working career.... So who's ranked up front now?? And are they really ahead of the rest of us?

Perhaps, it is for us all to recognise the game of competing with one another intellectually has been won on the world wide web stage and that there might never have been a competition in the first place.

I guess when we realise that this levels the playing field somewhat, we get to use the other 95% of our human physiology with all its 100's of millions of sensors all over it - because who I am now, becomes a measure of how I discernce the true quality of all this information instantly available to us all, equally, on the world wide web.

Going back to feeling what goes on around me re-connects me to the truth and exposes instantly all that isn't true if it doesn't feel right in my body.

What may become of humanity when we, instead, rely on the quality of our whole being and how we allow it to communicate all that we are through connecting to all the sensors that feel all that goes on around us. And through our inner-heart (the 'CPU' of all that we feel) connecting to our higher mind we re-connect to the wisdom and knowlegde of the entire universe - leaving the world wide web to be but a spec of dust in the scale of true information available to us all, equally.

And could it be that re-connecting to how our bodies feel all that goes on around us, is as simple as taking a moment to genlty closing your eyes (feeling the shape of your eyes as your eyelids close) and allowing your breath to become a gentle in-flow and out-flow until it is in rythmn with your body. And it never takes more that just a few minutes for your inner stillness to return (and the lower mind goes quiet)....


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