International Men's Day - Starting the Conversation

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Real Media Real Change (RMRC) focuses on bringing awareness to the real world effects of new and traditional media in our everyday lives.


RMRC Presents:

“Starting the Conversation”

A Men’s Health Conference

Conference Dates:

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Junction Park State School hall 50 Waldheim Street Annerley Qld 4103 (hall entry opp. Blacket St)

LENNOX HEAD – 17 NOVEMBER 2013 Cultural & Community Centre cnr Mackney and Park Lanes Lennox Head NSW 2478

Registration from 9.15am – 9.50am Start 10.00am – 3.00pm

Bookings essential: To confirm your attendance please register here.


Tea & light refreshments provided, BYO lunch & hydration

Starting the Conversation

As men, we are constantly bombarded by a society that is always telling us how to be. Regardless of nationality, heritage or culture, men’s stories from around the world commonly spread the same message – be strong, tough, independent, dependable… and above all, don’t complain. You are meant to have it all together.

The mainstream media floods us with role models of successful men. From Hollywood’s depiction of the tall, dark, handsome and of course muscle-bound hero, to real-life sporting “demi-gods” saturating the back and front pages of our newspapers; from the powerful businessman, to the rebellious anti-hero… We are constantly sold stories of what it is to be a real man.

Yet delve deep into the suburban or regional heartland of mainstream Australia and indeed much of our world, and you discover a different story – a story that tells of a different kind of man, a man who is plainly struggling with modern life and all of its expectations and complexities. A man whose body is at odds with the image he tries to portray.

Statistics tell us that in Australia alone:

Suicide is the HIGHEST CAUSE of death for young men (2008). • Suicide acounts for 1 in 5 deaths in men aged between 25 and 44 (2008). • Men are twice as likely as women to have substance abuse problems. • 1 in 2 Australian men will have cancer by the time they are 85. • At any one time, 1 in 8 men are experiencing clinical depression. • Over half of all Australian men have experienced some sort of mental health condition during their lifetime.

Just pause for a second and consider the above.

These statistics alone would be staggering, but there is more…

16% of all men NEVER visit the doctor. • 1 in 2 men are reported to be overweight, and 1 in 4 men are considered to be obese. • Nearly 1 in 3 men who are obese do not recognise that they have a health problem. • 1 in 3 men over the age of 40 will have a reproductive health problem. • 1 in 2 men have reported to be a victim of violence at least once in their lifetime. • 1 in 3 men at any one time are living with live a chronic health condition. • MORE MEN DIE EACH YEAR FROM PROSTATE CANCER, THAN WOMEN DO FROM BREAST CANCER.

Without question, there is A LOT going on for us as men. We may like to portray that we are doing “ok”, but are we really? Clearly, the conversations we are currently having barely skim the surface of what’s going on in light of such deeply disturbing trends.

And so, is it possible to START THE CONVERSATION?

Might we, as men and women in our communities, our families, our workplaces, sporting clubs, social environments… START THE CONVERSATION about what’s really going on?

Might this be a much needed step towards truly addressing the current state of men’s health and wellbeing? For clearly we are suffering, and in no small measure.

And might it be possible that our inability to admit what’s going on, is helping contribute to our ill health? If so, why is it as men that we are unable or unwilling to speak up and communicate with our partners, our family, our friends and colleagues when things are clearly not ok?

Perhaps as men we find it hard to accept that in truth – we are worth looking after.

In light of the above, RMRC is delighted to present two FREE COMMUNITY EVENTS – putting the focus on Men’s Health and true Wellbeing in the spotlight.

Featuring a broad spectrum of presenters – from health professionals & educators, to men opening up the conversation further from their real and lived life experience on issues such as: depression, drug addiction, ill health & life choices, and parenting.

We look forward seeing you there. Please download the event flyer for further information.

Booking is essential: To confirm your attendance please register here.


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