Tonsillectomy - is it really 'fixing' the problem of sore throats?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

While doing a bit of studying this morning I stumbled upon a WHAT THE... moment.

I remember my sister having her tonsils removed at age 5 or 6 because her throat was always inflamed and sore - along with countless millions of others in our society. And as I read through the text book that no doubt many many medical students refer to in their studies, it occurred to me that Medicine has so many of the answers right there before Its eyes, but simply can't see them.. In this instance the text refers to the function of the tonsil (a lymph node/gland) which is TO RESPOND AGAINST INHALED OR INGESTED FOREIGN SUBSTANCES - in other words the stuff we breath and feed ourselves with!! The adjoining paragraph then states that a tonsillectomy is performed whenever the body does not respond to medication for a virus or a bacteria - HELLOOOO : WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD WE'RE EATING???? COULD IT BE THAT SIMPLE!!!!! You've just had it stated in black and white in the preceding paragraph..... We have anecdotal evidence in 5 out of 5 of our immediate family that all respond adversely to any and all forms of Dairy ingestion. Not least of which is a rapid build up of excess mucous (usually noticed within minutes but certainly within a couple of hours) - and what does mucous do: it hangs around in nasal passages and the back of the throat to 'collect' foreign substances (like one of those sticky fly traps) in order to help out when the normal body systems become overwhelmed.

So what if tonsillitis is simply: this poor old gland stressed to the max, day in and day out dealing with wave after wave of dairy and other suspect items (gluten is another) in our diet being thrown its way? Pull it out, and all you're doing is SHOOTING THE MESSENGER...

Then of course, we could also consider the possibility that a sore throat is the result of holding back from speaking our truth - yet another burden on the poor little tonsil at the back of the throat!! Take nothing away from the marvels of modern medicine - but it does make you think that, in an 'industry' in TOTAL OVERWHELM, sometimes they simply cannot see the wood for the trees..... So perhaps it's time we lessen the burden by stepping up and taking a little more responsibility for ourselves and our own health and well-being. My suggestion in this particular case is: pause for a moment in your busy lives, feel what it is that eating dairy - as an example, really means for you. In other words, what is so appealing about so much of what we eat that we choose to ignore the body's (often immediate) response to say: c'mon not another mouthful of that, pleaseeee - I CAN"T COPE!


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