Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Do you seek someone with:

  • A vast intellectual knowledge of medicine?

  • Similar beliefs to you, that you can relate to?

  • Spiritual awareness because traditional medicine doesn’t work for you?

And do you :

  • Simply want someone to make the ailment ‘go away’ because it interferes with your life?

  • Part-take in the process because you like to know what’s going on within your own body?

  • Self-diagnose with ‘Dr Google’ because you don’t’ trust anyone?


Do you choose someone who practices health, from first re-connecting to and then living as an example of true self-care and therefore being of true service to humanity?

This is my story:

My childhood recollection of our family GP, Dr B, is of an elderly gentleman who didn’t have his own office – he always visited me in my own bedroom when I was sick. He was never in a hurry often staying for a chat and cup of tea, would always bring a lolly to cheer me up, and would always call back after a day or two to check up. He must have been serving as a doctor well beyond normal retirement age.


When Dr B died my parents chose the doctor in the local shopping centre because everyone else went to him, DR H. Although he had the fastest car, a Porsche 911, in the community he was too busy to visit us so we’d have to sit in a queue at his office, sometimes for ages but he’d only ever spare us a few minutes. Thankfully though my parents knew the local Pharmacist and he’d generally reduce, leave out or change the script completely. He was used to Dr H’s style of prescribing the strongest medications ‘to kill everything’ in the body as his blanket approach.

In my early teen years we switched to Dr D, a friend of friends, he also had a bit of a queue because he held himself in high esteem in the community and he was renowned for his knowledge of medicine. He had his own pharmacy and sold what he prescribed (generally the latest drug on the scene) and was surely how he made his money. I recall being ‘shut up’ from asking questions because he had that air of ‘knowing it all’ about him.

In my 20’s I was pretty much ‘bullet proof’ and don’t think I saw a doctor for anything unless I needed a sick note for work, in which case the nearest doctor at the time would do and they would simply go along with my self-diagnosis.

When I married, my wife and I aligned with Homeopathy, with a strong aversion to chemical-based traditional medicine. We became interested in understanding what was going on in our bodies and our practitioner was only too happy to share her knowledge and skills as our beliefs and lifestyles were very similar. When our eldest child presented new challenges we began to explore ‘energy/spiritual’ healing alternatives that really seemed to work for him, and ourselves.

Thus, I could pretty much tick each of those questions above as having been applicable to some part of my life. And apart from Dr B, who was truly a servant for humanity first and foremost, every one of my relationships with chosen Health Practitioners never lasted.

However, 4 years ago moving to a new continent and city and not knowing anyone, we began to align with a few practitioners because although they ticked the box of alternative therapies they complimented traditional medicine and would refer us, when needed. But something else became apparent, a clear and stark difference compared to my life’s experiences up to this point, was how each of them were living their daily lives.

Although they are from different fields of expertise, (dentist, sports doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist, cranial-sacral therapist etc) of co-incidence they are all students of Universal Medicine and The Way of the Livingness.

Through them and having become students ourselves, my wife and I have been re-awakened to see that true health care comes from within as reflected through those that live self-care (without perfection) in themselves first. And from this foundation they present an example that is truly tangible.

And so it is, that having studied engineering and worked in construction for over 20 years (till recently my only biology lesson was in grade 6/year 8) I am able to offer Energy healing as a Practitioner, with total confidence that my re-awakened awareness of Energetic Responsibility provides a foundation for how I live each day and how I am with myself first, before I am with anyone else. That energetic integrity, may be offered by those that make their understanding and living of true self-care their only way of life, to the best of their ability.

I have also come to recognise that true Energy healing serves to compliment the traditional forms of medicine and vice versa.


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