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Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Massage & Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

Through the courses and lectures provided by Universal Medicine and accreditation with the Esoteric Practioners Association, Greg has qualified in the modalities of Sacred Esoteric Healing® and Esoteric Massage which includes: Facial release, back and shoulders, legs & feet, hands & arms and stomach massage options.  

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a modality supporting clients with aches and pains, both superficial and deep within muscles and joints.

Greg has more recently qualified in Chakra-puncture® and offers this technique of using very fine needles that barely penetrate the very outer layer of skin to bring a deep form of relaxation, allowing the client space on the table to review for themselves what their body might be revealing.


Greg brings his life-experience as a husband, father, friend and colleague to the healing session combined with the lived wisdom of his understanding of energy as a point of reflection for true healing to be offered.


All the Esoteric modalities rely on Greg’s gentle, tender attributes to provide a deeply calming, relaxing and nurturing space for the body to begin to release what is not innately supportive of true well-being.


Sessions are generally one hour (may be shorter for children) and offer the Client the opportunity to re-connect with their inner-most; feeling calmer, more relaxed and more aware of that which their own bodies are communicating back.


Available to Men, Women and Children of all ages



Contact Greg telephonically or by email. See Book online page



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Greg now offers Esoteric Numerology charting for clients that wish to understand more of life's purpose through the significant numbers in their life....

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