Gregory Hall

Sydney, Australia


BSc Eng (Civil), Director of Evisen Pty Ltd, Member of Engineers Australia, Member of the EPA.


I grew up in the suburbs of a beachside town with 3 younger siblings, two dogs and a cat.  My father taught me how to make a fire, catch fish at the beach, build and fly kites, fix all things petrol engine related, blow up Matchbox cars with fire crackers in the sand pit, and what it is to be a man.  Though for the most part of my childhood I was content with playing Lego indoors and playing with string, sticks and mud outdoors.  Growing up I part-took in scouts, junior lifesaving, karate and the obligatory athletics, swimming, cricket and rugby at school.


I fared better than average academically at school which enabled me to study to become a Civil Engineer, though farming would have been my first choice, but for the allure of financial success being the marker of achievement in our society.


At age 18, I met my wife to be and we dated for 5 years before marrying and started a family a further 5 years later.  I have 3 amazing sons who sort of know how to fish, make a fire and fly a kite, though even the eldest as a teenager still tinkered with Lego, at times. They all perform well at school - but most of all they understand exactly who they are, that there is no man’s mould to be squeezed into.


I have worked in and amongst the construction industry since my career began, though generally with smaller to medium sized firms that always had that ‘family feel’ to the business, in other words, a nurturing working environment in which I was often a shoulder to lean on, or an ear for the pains of others to relay to; and in fact most of my life I have been there for others as a pillar of support in one way or another.


Working in construction has had its moments: the early days was about the allure and excitement of maximising profits and going ‘hell for leather’ to complete the job on time, to sometimes connecting with the possibility of having built something that improved the living conditions for others. But generally I have known it as a tough slog: working away from home for long spells, an unrelenting playground of the ex-schoolyard bully, the greedy and corrupt, where seemingly having to forsake all connection with my tender, gentle ways in order to toughen up to deal with it all was the only choice of the day.  Though through all this I maintained an eye for simplicity, often finding ways for improved efficiency and ease for work tasks.


For a period during my 30’s I took up golfing, copious early morning exercising in the gym and white water canoe racing to ease the mounting stresses that I perceived were all attributed to external factors of living in a violent crime-riddled society and the work pressures noted above, never realising the anxiousness was coming from within.


Now I live claimed in the knowing of who I am, that my beliefs and ideals are but a distraction learned from a system that is what it is because it chooses to be so, that I am free to be the tender, precious man that I am, who has a healing clinic at home to support friends and family to heal their past choices, and a way to be on the construction site for all men to know they are equally precious and tender beings too.


I will continue to study as a student of My life, the ever-deepening ways in which I may be of Love-filled care to myself and to be of service to all of humanity, to my last breath in this life and eternally thereafter.


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