Carmin Hall



Sydney, Australia



I love life, I love people, I love work, I love play. I love my many roles; as a Woman, a wife to an incredible gentle and wise man, a Mum to 3 gorgeous boys, a behavioural optometrist, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a forever student. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture - my life is full!


From my late teens to my late 30’s I lost myself in these roles – they became who I was and I held them up as more important than me.


Over the last 9 years I have reconnected with the fact that I am an amazing woman who is worth looking after – not because of what I do but because I have reconnected to my beautiful natural essence through the work of Universal Medicine. A beautiful essence that is equally within us all.


I have a new passion for life, not because I had lost mine, but because I was living in such a way that was exhausting and self-abusive – trying to be everything for everyone, trying the ‘save’ the world. I now know that I cannot control it all, I am only responsible for the choices I make, for my expression and integrity. I am no longer attached to helping everyone achieve what I think they should – letting go of expectations is incredibly freeing and reduces the drain on my energy levels.


By listening to the feedback from my body, I have ditched gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and most sugars. I quit all that masked my exhaustion and anxiety – this left me with having to be very honest and honouring of how I was living and the choices I was making.


My life is not perfect, however I am dedicated to appreciating all that life brings me as an opportunity to learn – about Me, God and humanity.


Growing up, school was easy for me (art & physical education, not so much) – I loved school, my friends, learning about the world and people, maths, science, biology.  I always imagined that I would be a teacher – to help those children who didn’t find school so easy (as well as wanting to save them – get them to commit to life and just do what was needed to be done, instead of fighting the systems).


However, my career path changed in high school – while toying with studying medicine, I chose optometry, and a few years into my career, it constellated that I practice behavioural and neuro-developmental optometry. So in a roundabout way, today I get to work mainly with children, many of whom are not managing at school, and / or have vision or developmental delays preventing them from reaching their full learning potential.


What I bring to everyone is a knowing that what matters is who I am and how I choose to live every day, not what I do. A knowing that we are so much more than how we may be judged on our school work or achievements. We get to feel that we are firstly an amazing soul, and can be supported to function adequately within systems that expect so much from young people.


I am an eternal student, both of new ways to support my patients, as well as a student of myself and life – forever deepening my relationship with Me and with all others.